Who Does Not Fit For The ETS?

Who Does Not Fit For The ETS?

  • Patients who haven't tried any treatment modality other than surgery before (iontophoresis, botox,..etc); BUT, the final choice belongs to the patient. Taking into account the expenses and time consuming of the transient therapeutic methods, surgical intervention can be suggested for all patients who fit for the surgery.

What are the risks of ets surgery?

Surgical Ets Treatment Risks; The surgical risks are almost the same in both open and closed techniques. Pain is less severe and shortermed in the ETS technique, whereas bleeding, infection, lung injury, Horner syndrome, ..etc are seen almost with the same rate in both procedures.

Prevalence In The Population

Aşırı Terlemenin Toplumda Yaygınlığı

Approxiamtely, 1% of the adults suffer from the excessive sweating. Typically, the excessive sweating starts during childhood and puberty and gets worse while puberty and adulthood. Men and women are affected equally by the excessive sweating. Clinic is mild in most of the patients and it is not annoying socially most of the time. But, some times daily life is being influenced considerably negative.

Psychological Problems Caused By Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis characterized by excessive sweating of face, armpits, hands, and feet can result in severe psychological distress.

The quality of life is significantly impaired. The usual acts of social life such as handshaking and eye contact become more and more difficult. In summer, when heavy clothes, jackets, and coats are put away, people have hard time to hide their sweat stains.


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